7 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

Because who really enjoys the household chores anyway? Let’s spice it up a little to get through the nitty gritty. Check out these 7 ways you might could make the chores a little more bearable.

  • Couple cleaning: Maybe some couples would find this fun, but I can’t quite picture it. I mean, usually, one partner finds a clean home very important and the other not so much. Somebody is not going to consider this fun . . . at all!
  • Invite friends over: I typically invite friends over to FORCE me to clean before they arrive. I also think this would be a great way to lose friends. If that is your goal, then by all means, invite them over for a cleaning party.
  • Have a dance party: Dance party? Are you supposed to invite friends over to this dance party? See previous comments on inviting friends over to clean. Bad idea!
  • Catch up on phone calls: I’m not sure how this would actually work. Talking on the phone while vacuuming? And trust me, if I am mopping, I am too busy trying to catch my breath to have a phone conversation. I kind of think this is right up there with inviting friends over to clean.
  • Make it a game: If your toddler is helping you, then this might be a good idea.
  • Make cleaning a workout: I do not have to make cleaning a workout, it IS a workout, whew!
  • Treat yourself: This is a great idea, but the best way to treat yourself is to let someone else do the work . . . that’s where we come in!


What works for you? What do you do to get through the nitty gritty of the household chores?

XOXO – the TCN fam