Ahhhh, finally spring is making its appearance, and you can feel the excitement in the air as the neighbors are out walking and all the lawn and garden stores are packed with first-time and experienced gardeners trying their hand at beautiful blooms this year. While there is oh so much to do outside as spring begins to peak around the corner it is also a time of refreshing our interior spaces. Clean out the clutter, lighten the load, and feel the calm that a little more space can bring to your daily life.

We have put together a couple of fresh ideas to tame the chaos inside the home as we welcome in this news season.

Refresh Your View

Is the front of the refrigerator or the bulletin board in the command center looking quite bogged down? Let’s tidy those babies up for a fresh perspective!

  • Remove everything from either of these spaces leaving you with a blank canvas.
  • Now let’s file the old schedules and reminders, the past invitations, and anything else that is out of date right into the trash bin. Doesn’t that feel better already?
  • Those photos that have been hanging in these spaces for years, let’s cycle those out with some updated pictures to catch our eye as we go about our day.
  • Use this space for a few pieces of inspiration – a beach picture to get you excited about your upcoming summer vacation, a motivational quote, or a funny quip you found that will keep you laughing when you see it!
  • Are you a magnet collector? We love that! Pick 5 of your favorite magnets to display for this season. Pack the others safely away (in a really cute, labeled bin, of course) and save them for the next refresh of this space.

Create Zones

It is overwhelming to think about tackling the whole house. Only The Charmed Nest teams can whip your house into shape in the matter of just a few hours. Everyone else is going to need a bit more time. Let’s create zones and a priority list . . . we really appreciate a good list over here at The Charmed Nest. Pick one area to start with, whether you are dividing by rooms, by clothes, or by knick knacks . . . just pick one thing to check off and let’s go after it.

  • Whatever zone you choose we still advocate removing as much as possible, so you can see the blank space (ignore the big mess you just made for a moment).
  • Clean the blank spaces so they are ready to receive the new items
  • Depending on what you are working with you may want to group like items before restocking the shelves.
  • Eliminate items that are no longer needed.
  • Replace the items. If your zone is knick knacks or décor let’s switch things up here as we replace items. Move things around, try different placements. This goes a long way to feeling like your home has a fresh new look. We don’t have to return the candlesticks to the same place they have sat for the past year. Mix it up!

No matter what you are tidying or simplifying in your home remember to leave open space. Open space leaves room for new inspiration as you go throughout this season. We all need a little space. 😊

Happy spring to you and yours! Bring on the sunshine!

XOXO – The TCN Fam