Light and Bright: How Lighting Can Change Your Mood

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Lighting has the ability to transform a space adding interest and setting the tone of a room in both form and function. Bright overhead lighting makes a space energetic while table lamps or floor lamps create a more relaxing atmosphere. It’s an important part of any design plan.

Overhead lighting receives a lot of attention when considering the look and purpose of a space, but we encourage clients to consider layering light through lamps and wall sconces, because it allows for different lighting opportunities within the same space; letting you change the mood with the flip of a switch. Dimmer switches are another way to utilize transitional lighting, allowing for multiple functionalities from the same fixture.

The popularity of blue light glasses has increased people’s awareness of light frequencies, and red light is now becoming more well known. These two light frequencies are both given off by the sun but at different times of day and through electronics that have found there way into our homes and hands on a regular basis.

Blue light is energetic and communicates with our bodies to wake us up, but the downside comes with the blue light given off by televisions and phone screens telling our bodies to wake up when they should be winding down. Red light is useful in calming our bodies and sending the signal to wind down and get ready for resting. We can harness the usefulness of these light frequencies within our homes.

Red light lamps can be wonderful in the bathroom for an evening tub soak or for reading on a bedside table, and bright white light bulbs in a home office desk lamp can keep you alert during the work day.

We enjoy helping our clients create a space they love and that serves them well as we consider not just the look of the space but how lighting can make a house a home!

XOXO – The TCN Fam